What I offer

Support and facilitation during challenging times

How I work

I offer support and holding through challenging times. I help you to identify your difficulties and work with you to enable creative solutions. I hold a context of awareness and compassion, genuine interest and empathy, working with you as you move toward clarification and a deeper understanding of your presenting issues, concerns and dilemmas.

We work together on strategies, methods and process to realise your potential and your desired outcome. I help you devise an action plan for a coaching or therapeutic solution, which will fit your needs and benefit your growth.

I offer

  • open mindedness
  • support and facilitation for personal and spiritual growth
  • respect and appreciation for the unique human being that you are
  • a warm, welcoming and flexible approach

For more information or to find out about my available appointments, please call on me +44 (0)781 566 7582 or email me info@psychotherapy-in-the-city.com.